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Home Products Fresh Juice Sonoma Edition
Mosti Mondiale’s Sonoma Edition is a unique product that provides home winemakers with both fresh refrigerated grape juice along with frozen grape skins. Sourced from both Yakima Valley, Washington and Sonoma, California, this perfect union takes each winemaker to the heart of wine country to experience winemaking like never before. The fresh grape juice presents pleasing tasting notes that will not disappoint while the introduction of frozen grape skins guarantees for a full bodied wine experience.




Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

Considered a flagship variety of wine, it holds a deep garnet with slight violet undertones. It presents a fresh cherry bouquet rounded off with peppery highlights and delicate spices. You’ll notice an initial attack with a lot of body and hearty tannins, but this well-balanced wine holds true to its character as a delightful wine that can be enjoyed under any condition.

Sonoma Merlot

This popular variety presents a subtle black currant nose along with a floral touch and a hint of assorted peppers. Its mellow tannins and soft finish present a pleasant initial attack with remarkable staying power. You will notice that it’s refreshingly well balanced appeal while being robust and adding a velvety texture.

Sonoma Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir is of an intense ruby red color presented with a solid acidity. Providing the palate with a blend of ripe cherry flavors and hereby notes, this wine expresses itself with elegance as its smooth attack ensures a long lingering finish.

Sonoma Zinfandel

Having its trademark bright garnet robe with purple highlights, you’ll instantly be rewarded with a delicate nose filled with ripe black cherries and wildberry undertones. This Zinfandel strikes a perfect balance on the palate being well structured with a long finish. It truly is a magnificent wine that is both fresh and generous.

Yakima Cabernet Franc

Proud member of the Cabernet Sauvignon family, it presents itself slightly less structured, colorful and acidic that its illustrious cousin. Providing a more aromatic nose distinguised by raspberry and violet scents, its fragrant properties are often intensified in a Cabernet Sauvignon and/or Merlot blend. This single varietal, which awaits discovery, is gaining in popularity every single day.

Yakima Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon from Yakima Valley, Washington is an extremely complex wine with tender notes of black currants, pomegranate and even roasted coconut once it has been allowed to sit and open up. Aromas reminiscent of the inside of a humidor, green herbs and fresh vanilla. It is a spicy and peppery wine that can stand up to full-flavoured meals with heavy sauces.

Yakima Syrah

A deeply structured wine with great colour and a robustness resulting from highly tannic grapes. Has a very high potential for aging. The patient winemaker will be rewarded and amazed with a big bold red wine with peppery and leather notes and other complexities.



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