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Mosti Mondiale’s 10L Vinifera Noble presents a perfect blend between both fresh grape must and concentrate at a price point that makes all home winemakers excited! Vinifera Noble will yield wines that can be consumed young. Choose from over 25 varieties that provide you with an unparalleled body, bouquet, and color.





This Northern Italian wine is a bold and voluptuous red with a spicy note and a slightly fruity scent. Complexity, a full-body, and fleshy tannins define this wine.

Baroque Rouge  

This wine is of a ruby-red color with violet reflections. The aromas of English candy, fresh blooming roses and strawberry jam are abundant. It is a shallow, dry, and easy drinking wine that comprises of both the character and elegance.

Bourg Royal Red  

Its light ruby-red color and rich fruity aroma are valued characteristics of this wine. A light nose composed of cherry aromas, good alcohol levels, and tannins produce a fresh attack in the mouth matched with persistence and exceptional structure. In short, flavoury!


Holding deep garnet hues with a brilliant red sparkle, the intense nose of red fruits and herbaceous undertones rise from your glass. This wine is robust, fresh, and well structured due to its high ratio of Cabernet Sauvignon juice. The addition of Merlot mellows the wine, giving it that all too delightful appeal on the palate.

Cabernet Franc  

Proud member of the Cabernet Sauvignon family, it presents itself slightly less structured, colorful and acidic than its illustrious cousin. Providing a more aromatic nose distinguished by raspberry and violet scents, its fragrant properties are often intensified in a Cabernet Sauvignon and/or Merlot blend. This single varietal, which awaits discovery, is gaining in popularity every single day.

Cabernet Sauvignon  

The king. An undeniable reputation that has already conquered the world. It is a full-bodied wine with great structure that presents itself in a crimson color with violet hues. Experience cherry and blackcurrant fragrances that provide wonderful fruity flavors accompanied with soft spicy notes. Its charm lies in its roundness and supple mouth feel. This wine rises to its noble stature as the true king.


Once mistaken for a Merlot, this mysterious grape varietal has recently been identified as an old world pre-phyloxera clone. Currently the flagship varietal of Chile, this wine’s character is distinct with its blackcurrant nose matched with fruit jam flavors. Integrated tannins allow for early consumption and its rich and complex nature will be highlighted through maturing this unique variety.

Castel del Papa  

It is distinguished by its intense deep-red, virtually black color. Good tannins, medium acidity and high alcohol level are all noticeable characteristics. Experience richness and fullness as the aromas of nutmeg and cocoa fills your glass. You will be conquered by the flavor of its ripe, small berries and lavender notes.


The bright red hue and rosé reflections of this varietal are captivating. Full-bodied, its sustained tannins are well structured. The soft cherry palate and hint of apricot individualize the flavor. Presenting bitter notes of cherry stone matched with a pleasant finish, this subtle wine exudes warmth.

Il Toscano

A dry and delightful full-bodied red wine that pairs well with red meats, hearty soups and game. Some light aging will greatly improve this powerhouse.


This wine is ruby in color with aromas of strawberries and cherries. It has a clean and smooth attack with great length and structure. It is a pleasant drinking red wine with exquisite red berry flavors that make this wine very enjoyable and you will notice its strong finish paired with an attractive freshness.


One of the most popular and important grape varietals in South America – Malbec has also risen up in popularity in the US in recent years. Produces a dark wine with berry-and coffee-like characteristics.


This varietal offers the perfect balance between youth and maturity. Round in the mouth, its intensity leaves no one indifferent. It will provide an aromatic nose amplified by its woodiness. Full bodied and racy with an intense ruby-red color, its velvety yet woody flavor is derived from a savory blend of red fruits, sweet almonds and slight hints of vanilla: a true festival of flavors.


Developing a nose of tar and floral notes, Nebbiolo has long been regarded as one of Italy’s most important grape varietals. Its highly tannic structure makes it a wine that can support oak aging extremely well, perhaps more so than all other red wines.

Pinot Noir  

It undergoes a metamorphosis as it ages. You will have aromas comprising of a generous bouquet of violets and earthy spices. An early experience of this wine will present hints of small fruits and cherries. Over time, these flavors will transform into fig, prune and chocolate. Long in the mouth, it becomes more velvety as it matures..


This marvelous varietal is the pride of Tuscany. You will notice a deep red robe that is accompanied by mellow tannins that provide a pinch of vanilla. Its slightly woody nose with liquorice and fruit jam aromas intensifies upon reaching maturity. Your pallet will be pleased to experience fresh and refined hints of cherry, cocoa and violets.


The wine is deep and dark in color with the warm presence of black fruit and berries. Ageing this wine will reveal earthy and spicy aromas matched with a velvety color. You will taste a rich smoky flavor comprising of red fruits and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. The red fruit flavors of plums, black cherries and blackberries makes this wine a meal on its own.


A wonderful combination of two popular, yet different wines. The resulting wine has subtle aromas of blackcurrant and pepper with a leathery undertone that provides its dark ruby color. The blend of these two varietals makes for a complex easy drinking wine which is best enjoyed after a short period of aging (recommended 3 to 6 months)..

Valle dei Tempi

Medium body, a fruity bouquet and a long finish culminate in this delicate ruby-red Italian wine.

Zinfandel Red  

This California wine, cordially called "Zin", is famous for its racy tannins and sun-ripening raspberry nose. The acidity level is balanced with a perfect alcohol content producing a full-bodied and heady wine. Comprising of red berries, black cherries, pepper, and spice accents, this excellent balance presents beautifully in the mouth.


Blanc des Chateaux

This white wine presents itself as a yellow wine with golden reflections, exuding apple, orange peel, and flower aromas. A blend of peaches, citrus fruits and figs distinguish this wine, imparting a clean flavor and persistence in the mouth. Soft acidity and good alcohol levels, though not overly done, makes it a sumptuous, well-constituted wine.

Bourg Royal White

Presented with a moderate yellow or white color, its impressive nose is dominated by peach and apricot aromas along with a subtle hint of pear. Known for its excellent liveliness and good acid finish, these wonderful aromas add to a light tasting wine containing fresh fruit flavors.


The world’s most-sought after varietal is presented with a pale yellow color along with straw reflections. Experience a pure and delicate nose that has been perfectly balanced. Holding apple and citrus tasting notes, its freshness in the mouth is smooth and supple. Its good acidity yields a fresh and lively wine that has great capacity for cellaring.


The world’s most-sought after varietal is presented with a pale yellow color along with straw reflections. Experience a pure and delicate nose that has been perfectly balanced. Holding apple and citrus tasting notes, its freshness in the mouth is smooth and supple. Its good acidity yields a fresh and lively wine that has great capacity for cellaring..


This wine’s pale-yellow robe camouflages are powerful. You’ll instantly notice its fullness and roundness along with an intense nose comprising of litchi, grapefruit and nutmeg. Having moderate acidity, this wine presents slight citrus tasting notes that can be greatly enjoyed with desserts that are not too sweet.

Il Veneto  

It holds a pale yellow color that tends towards green. Comprising of a harmonic blend of small dried fruits, acacia honey, flowering cherry trees, and almonds with a hint of vanilla makes it a truly intense aromatic and flavorful wine. Its lasting appeal will present you with a perceptible acidity that imparts a velvety finish and delicate bitterness.

Liebfraumilch Style  

According to German law, this wine must be of pleasant character! Typically blended with Muller-Thurgau and Riesling, it is presented as a light and elegant wine with a sustained pale-yellow color. Enjoy its sweet fruitiness flavors that create a truly mellow wine. Its rich fruity nose suggests fresh-apples along with subtle spices.


This summertime favorite, according to many wine critics, takes its name from a village in Germany’s Mosel region. Being a close relative of Riesling, it is a semi-dry and very aromatic wine. Upon tasting, you will discover notes of ripe peach with floral accents. Its pleasant liveliness due to vibrant acidity provides for a superb sensation of freshness in the finish.

Pinot Grigio  

Your discovery of this wine will be a delectable adventure. Having a straw yellow tinged with green, its lemon zest, grapefruit, and pear fragrances interlaced with scents of ornamental flowers are an invitation to taste. The vivacious acidity imparts a unique flavor of freshness and liveliness. It is a true full-bodied wine that combines delicacy and refinement..


This high-quality California grape produces a wine that can range from dry to very sweet. It’s characterized with a generous floral scent that provides for a crisp green apple and ripe apricot flavor. Its perceptible acidity offers excellent potential for ageing. This wine will shine as a pale yellow wine with a light hint of green only to turn golden yellow once it’s fully mature..

Sauvignon Blanc  

Unlike many aristocratic white wines, Sauvignon Blanc rules at the dinner table. Having a pale yellow with golden hues for coloring, it’s very pronounced fruity nose, often herbaceous with a very aromatic flavor, has lead to its increased popularity among wine connoisseurs. Enhance any light dish at your table with this supple and pleasant wine matched with a fresh and tart presence. You will enjoy this wine young while over time, its richness will exceed your expectations.


Zinfandel Blush (Rosé)  

A light wine with a delicate pink hue with a light cherry flavour, it is a California wine made from the red grape, Zinfandel that is given minimal skin contact. The skins are removed from the juice soon after pressing to avoid colour transfer and the resulting wine is very low in tannin and consumable when quite young.




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