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Summer Breeze 7Kg (yields 23L of Fruit Wine) The name is evocative. On a warm summer day, a chilled glass of fruit wine is as refreshing as a "Summer Breeze". (Ready to bottle in just 4 weeks)




Black Cherry Shiraz

A medium bodied wine made from Shiraz and black sweet cherries. Subtle cherry aroma, palate cleansing acidity, smoky, toasted almond overtones, with a trace of black pepper and a smooth finish. A wine for chocolate lovers! Delicious with any chocolate dessert or bittersweet chocolate. Also nice with cheesecakes, paired with cheeses like Gouda, Gruyere, Swiss or Cheddar or with pork, poultry, fish, or grilled vegetables.

Blackberry / Cherry Pinot Noir

A subtle wine made with Pinot Noir and a blend of blackberries and cherries. This wine has a silky mouth-feel, medium bodied with hints of citrus. It has a very pleasant, lingering blackberry finish with aromas of cherries. Serve as a social winem or with desserts like cheesecake, tortes, bittersweet chocolate and with cheeses like Gouda, Jarslberg, Monterey Jack, Provolone, or Brie.

Raspberry Merlot

A delightful blend of Merlot and raspberries make a very rich and medium bodied wine, bursting with luscious raspberry flavor and smooth raspberry aromas. Can be served as an after-dinner liqueur accompanied by a rich chocolate dish such as fudge or black forest cake. Also delicious drizzled over ice cream or cheesecake.


Apricot Riesling

This semi dry Riesling wine with the added flavour of apricots has a bouquet of lilies and orange flowers with apricot overtones. Fresh, intense with layered flavors - from the velvety skin, through the textured fruit, to the tangy flesh at the stone. Medium body with a balanced finish. Try it with glazed ham, sweet and sour dishes, or cold summer soups. Serve as a social wine or with cheeses such as Cheddar, Swiss, mild Gouda, Edam. Also nice with desserts like tortes custards, compotes and cheesecakes.

Green Apple Riesling

Made from a blend of Riesling and green apples. The subtlet flavors of the tart green apples make a crisp, dry, smooth white wine that is perfect for any occasion. Just for sipping on its own or with a slice of cheddar cheese and crackers. A great complement to braised pork loin or any white meat or fish dishes.

Peach Chardonnay

Enjoy the taste of summer even on cool fall and winter days with this delicately flavored Chardonnay wine with the addition of peaches. A fresh peach bouquet with a hint of pineapple. Medium body and subtle delicate peach flavor with a light citrus finish. "Just peachy"! A dinner wine to serve with chicken, quail, pasta dishes, light fish, salads, salsas, ribs, and cheeses like Jarlsberg, Monterey Jack, and Brie. Also great with sweets.

Tropical Fruits Chardonnay

Another Chardonnay but this time with the taste of the tropics. A carefully blended potpourri or pineapples, bananas and kiwis for a delightful fruity blend that will make you think of a sunny beach in the Caribbean. "Lay back and relax"! Perfect for sipping on its own, with a salad or with after dinner sweets.


Pink Grapefruit Blush

Tangy and tasty! A rose which is a Grapefruit lover's delight. A "pretty" wine with a crisp, bright grapefruit flavor and a subtle tartness. This wine leaves a sparkle on the palette. Light and refreshing, it is great with salads, sandwiches, pizza, seafood and lamb.

Strawberry White Zinfandel

A Rosé made from Zinfandel and strawberries. With a fresh strawberry aroma and hints of kiwi and marmalade. Complex, medium bodied, with a long strawberry finish. A social wine to serve before dinner or with desserts, such as tortes, chocolate, trifles, tiramisu, or in a fruit salad.

Wild Berry White Zinfandel

A soft blend of various wild berries and Zinfandel for a delightful rosé wine that reminds of the taste of summer. Medium bodied with delicate fruit flavors and aromas. Perfect for drinking on its own, with a salad or with after dinner sweets.



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