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Since its inception, Mosti Mondiale has always made customer satisfaction its primary concern.

As an experienced winemaker, you (more than anyone else!), are the best indicator we could have on the quality and satisfaction of the many products we provide.

Please evaluate the following items shown below and select the answer that best represents your opinions. Upon completion, please fill out your information at the bottom of the survey and we will send you a $5.00 coupon towards your next purchase of any Mosti Mondiale winemaking product!

1. Which Mosti Mondiale product did you recently purchase?
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2. How would you rate the packaging of this product? (graphics, text, understanding, etc…)
3. How would you rate the clarity of the instruction sheets?
4. How would you rate the ease of use of your winemaking product? sheets?
5. How would you rate the contents of your winemaking kit?
6. How would you rate the quality of your finished wine?
7. Did you have to contact Mosti Mondiale along your winemaking experience?
8. What is the likelihood that you will purchase another Mosti Mondiale winemaking kit in the future?
9. On average, how many batches of wine do you make in a year?
10. Any additional comments or suggestions?
11. Please submit your personal information in order for us to send you your $5.00 coupon that is applicable towards your next Mosti Mondiale winemaking kit!
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Which variety would you like to see next in the Renaissance Impressions (with Allgrape Pack) lineup?